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How to Make The Most Out of Your Sex Toys

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Sex toys are simply amazing. They are fun, sexy and take you to that explosive climax that you have always dreamt of. The world of sex toys is really varied. From rabbit vibrators for both G-spot and clit stimulation to cock rings- there is a huge variety to choose from as per your specific needs and preferences. One of the coolest things about these toys is that they really help to enrich your sex life with your partner. So, are you too planning to add on sex toys to your intimate sessions? That’s great, there are some amazing new adventures to explore for you two here.

But, then, sex toys are delicate tools. Don’t forget they are used in some of the most delicate parts of the body. So, if they are not used and taken care of properly, you could be putting yourself into some serious danger. However, fret not- the post below offers a brief on how to use and maintain sex toys like a pro.

Before delving into the main discussion, it should be mentioned a safe and enjoyable experience with sex toys begins with the right product. You should always get your toy from some reliable adult toy store only. There are generic retailers selling sex toys today but most of them sell cheap knock-offs. It’s only with a reputed adult toy store that you can be assured of an authentic, premium and safe sex toy.

Tips on usage and maintenance

  • Use lube always

For those new to the world of sex toys, a lubricant is a must whenever you will use a sex toy. Whether you use a dildo or a vibrator, the rule is same for all. In some cases, you would have to use lube multiple times over the course of play. For example, when you are using anal plugs. It’s not advisable to shove in a butt plug with a first go. In that case, you have to proceed gradually and you will need lube at every step. Not only that, you will also need lube while removing it.

Lubricant makes the road slippery and allows a seamless and painless insertion and play. So, always have the lube handy when you in are the mood for some bold adventures with sex toys.

  • Get enema

This point is especially relevant while using anal toys. No, your poop does not stay in your anus. But it might have traces of it. Besides, when anal toys are inserted, they can put pressure on the colon which can lead to some really messy (read shitty) overcomes. To avoid such risks, it’s always advised to get an enema before you insert an anal toy inside your butt.

  • Thorough cleaning is important

You need to clean and sterilize (where possible) your sex toys before and after every use. Normally, an unscented mild soap would do. Don’t use anti-bacterial soaps here as they might leave residue. But, you should not ever submerge your toy in water for clean-up.

Speaking further, it’s to stress here that adult toys are made from both porous and non-porous materials. The porous options are cyberskin, hard plastic, neoprene, nylon, jelly rubber and elastomer. On the other hand, the non-porous materials used here are silicone, stainless steel, glass and Pyrex. The non-porous ones are safer than their porous counterparts as they don’t allow bacterial impenetration.

However, there are distinct ways of cleaning each of the porous as well as non-porous materials.

Cleaning non-porous toys:

Glass– Wash a glass toy with a mix of water and mild soap. But be careful not to expose the toy to any sort of extreme temperature.

Silicone– You can wash it with water and soap. Silicone is dishwasher-safe. But, you will have to place it on topmost rack of the dishwasher if you are going to wash it in the machine. To disinfect, experts suggest to place the toy in warm boiling water. But, make sure to pick it within 10 minutes only.

Pyrex– It’s heat-resistant glass and hence can withstand extreme temperatures. You may boil it for thorough sterilization. You may also use it in dishwasher.

Stainless steel– You may boil it (not more than 10 minutes), soak it in a mix of a soapy water, or wash the toy in dishwasher.

Cleaning porous toys

Porous materials tend to be vulnerable to temperature. Thus, you can’t boil them like the non-porous counterparts. Do not use warm water or soap here. Do not wash them in dishwasher ever. However, nylon toys are the only option among porous toys which could be washed in machine.

You can use a toy cleaner here which is specifically used for cleaning adult toys.

  • Mind proper storage

This is another crucial tip to remember while you are dealing with sex toys. You can’t just throw them anywhere inside your closet. The best of such toys in the market come with their own bags. So, the best thing for you would be to store them inside the bag only. The bottom-line is, the toy should not come in contact with any other thing. Besides, do not ever store them in plastic containers.

Some adult toy stores sell compact adult toy store boxes today where you can keep all your sex toys in an organized and orderly manner. Once you make a good collection of sex toys, you can invest in such a box.

  • Remove batteries while not in use

Some of the sex toys come with batteries, such as vibrators. It’s the battery that makes the motor run so that you can enjoy the buzz. But, you should make sure to remove the batteries from your sex toy while the toy is not in use. Batteries may corrode your toy if not being used for a long time. It can even hamper battery life which will eventually hamper the overall performance of your sex toy.

You have got quite a long list here. Every point is thought-out and written keeping in mind the safety and convenience of users.


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